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Avian and exotic Animal Hospital Bothell

Veterinary technicians Jennifer Unick, left, and Jennifer Filip tend to a pygmy goat earlier this week at The Center for Bird & Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell. Owner and doctor Adolf Maas and his crew moved into their new, state-of-the-art, 7, 000-square-foot facility near the wetlands on Northeast 195th Street in April. Look for a story in the ReporterVeterinary specialists Jennifer Unick, left, and Jennifer Filip often a pygmy goat the 2009 week in the center for Bird &lifier Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell. Owner and physician Adolf Maas and the crew moved to their new, condition-of-the-art, 7Thousand-square-feet facility close to the esturine habitat on Northeast 195th Street in April. Search for a tale within the Reporter's This summer 15 problem.

— image credit: ANDY NYSTROM, Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

As Adolf Maas slides from area to area of his 7Thousand-square-feet, condition-of-the-art Center for Bird &lifier Exotic Animal Medicine, he’s had a skip in the step. As he happily talks from the center’s digital X-ray and electronic-monitor equipment — and, obviously, the creatures they treat — he is doing so inside a smooth voice that’s that come with a grin.

“The staff loves it. If nothing else, we can go outside on a day like today and have lunch and you don’t really remember that you’re right in town. It’s like a little private park — it’s great, ” added Maas, who has been in business for five years.The center’s new location close to the esturine habitat off Northeast 195th Street in Bothell is really a bonus for that Kenmore native.

“I couldn’t develop a much better location. I love the truth that we’re around the esturine habitat and also the stream and the quantity of wildlife we've around the property, since i believe that really reflects well on which we all do. We all do bird medicine and we have pairs of nesting Canada geese within the esturine habitat behind the home, ” stated the 43-year-old physician of veterinary medicine, who moved from his much more compact hospital (1, 050 sq ft) on Primary Street towards the new place 4th several weeks ago.

Maas (pictured below) also thirstily mentions seeing ducks, the murder of crows that flies over Bothell each evening, deer within the parking area, bunnies, weasels, river otters and much more.

The College of Wisconsin veterinary-school graduate notes that his facility is among a number of such large-sized centers in the united states that treat exotic creatures — from rodents around the small finish to llamas to kangaroos around the large finish to wild birds of prey and beyond. (It normally won't treat dogs, felines, cows and horses, but other creatures get through the doorways.)

When selecting his 4th intern, Maas received programs from 50 veterinary graduates from around the globe. Alicia McLaughlin from Oklahoma Condition College snagged the coveted place and today resides within an apartment around the second floor from the premises and goodies patients around the bottom floor, featuring minor- and major-surgery rooms, a radiology room along with other places that creatures lounge pre and post treatment.

Maas and the four doctors have about 14Thousand active patients, and that he notes that “It’s an excellent chance for (McLaughlin) because the kind of caseload we've. There’s really very couple of places in the united states which have this degree of caseload.”

McLaughlin, who originates in the small capital of scotland- Bixby, Okla., continues to be in the center since May and can work there for the following year. It’s her dream job to operate inside a 100-percent exotic-animal hospital and also to practice the greatest quality of drugs on her patients — and she or he feels she’s within the right place.

“I’ve many userful stuff here within my first couple of several weeks here and expect which will only continue within the several weeks in the future, ” she stated. “The variety is exactly what attracts me probably the most. Who knows what is available in with the door — we could have a koi seafood with cancer or perhaps a bird with food-allergy sensitivity.

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