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Your pet or domesticated hedgehog, generally known to because the African Pygmy Hedgehog is definitely an exceptional creatures that's easy to look after and friendly if correctly socialized. Not really a wild species, your pet hedgehog is really a hybrid of two African species (Atelerix algirus) and (A. albiventris). Hedgehogs are called insectivorous as well as in nature spend many of their time trying to find food. In captivity, they end up being curious creatures who spend a good amount of time exploring their atmosphere.


House your hedgehog inside a large glass or plastic terrarium, or perhaps a tub type guinea pig cage. Select a cage with smooth walls which are sufficient to avoid your pet from climbing out. Wire bottomed cages ought to be prevented because they allow their ft and legs to slide through spaces between wires, leading to injuries. The cage should have ample space on the floor to inspire movement and stop weight problems inside your little friend. Keep your cage inside a warm room. A great variety of temperature for any hedgehog is 72-85 levels Fahrenheit. Make use of a heater, like a stick on “under tank heater” obtainable in the reptile department on most pet shops, around the cage in awesome environments and cold several weeks. Washing the enclosure every week helps control undesirable smells, which makes it a great pet to accommodate inside.


Cage bedding ought to be nontoxic, absorbent, and comparatively free of dust. Avoid cedar plank or pine particles because they cause respiratory system problems in hedgehogs. Shredded documents well and it is inexpensive. Our hospital suggests Carefresh, a paper bedding that's soft, absorbent, and simple to wash. Hedgehogs require a shelter, or perhaps a hide box within their cage. Supplying a PVC pipe, plastic pot on its side, a tissue or shoe box, or any other type of shelter, can give your hedgehog a location of security along with a crib.

Hedgehogs require exercise to fulfill their need to forage and also to avoid weight problems. This really is easily accomplished because of their curious and inquisitive character. Hedgehogs like to push, chew, and manipulate toys, for example plastic balls, and paper towel comes. A workout wheel designed for a hedgehog or chinchilla is going to be used. Again, make sure it features a solid walking surface so ft won’t get caught in almost any holes.


Hedgehogs are called insectivorous (insect people) but seem to be very opportunistic people within the wild eating a multitude of bugs, mollusks (earthworms and snails) small creatures and plant life, fruits. and vegetables. By using this information, commercial hedgehog diets happen to be produced to sit in their nutritional needs in captivity. These diets could have chitin, a fabric based in the exoskeleton of bugs, that some feel is needed within the hedgehog diet. If your commercial hedgehog weight loss program is not available, it may be replaced with a top quality, high protein/low body fat cat food. This is often offered with small quantities of mixed fruits and veggies. Like a treat, hedgehogs goes “hog wild” for live bugs, like crickets, mealworms, or earthwormsIf your hedgehog becomes overweight, limit the amount of food and goodies given, while increasing exercise.

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