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Exotic animals Farm

Zebra at Bayou Wildlife ParkGetting fun with your family and exploring Houston could be easy! For those who have a couple of hrs, we've tips on how to stand using the kids.

Within this Half Day in Houston series, look for a spot to play, explore and eat… all-in-one place. Pick that which you like or mix with another publish!

Within this adventure, feed exotic creatures on the wildlife safari after which pick your personal produce.

Look below for any map from the walking route.

Park: With this adventure, it's important to drive to every spot… but you will find large parking lots each and every spot… and when you drive to Alvin from Houston, you may as well visit plenty of spots!

Camel at Bayou Wildlife ParkExplore:

A brief drive from Houston may be the in Houston… which is amazing. You receive nose to nose with exotic creatures.

The Bayou Wildlife Park tour features a safari style tram tour that's ideal for families… no going after kids… just sit and become entertained. You can observe (and feed) Banteng Cattle, Whitened Rhinoceroses, Gaur Cattle, Barasingha Deer, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Bactrian Camels, Pere David’s Deer, Addaxes, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Hog Deer and Earth Lechwe.

There's additionally a petting zoo and pony ride (for children under 90 pounds)! After your adventure, you are able to stay for any have a picnic within the have a picnic area. Take the own lunch, just no watermelon!


Near to the is . You could get farm fresh produce and pies… and with respect to the season, you may also take farm tours and pick your personal fruit and veggies! See what’s currently available,

Should you haven’t already were built with a have a picnic in the Bayou Wildlife Park or eaten at Froberg’s Farm, take a look at . It’s near to the park and farm!

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