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Exotic animals for sale in Ohio

1000's of individuals have became a member of a breaking campaign on Change.org contacting Ohio Governor John Kasich to prohibit the purchase of exotic creatures after over fifty creatures steered clear of from the private Ohio zoo on Wednesday.

Liz Dumler, a concerned Ohio citizen, released the campaign on Change.org after as much as 56 exotic creatures - including tigers, lions, bears, baby wolves, and leopards - steered clear of a zoo through gates left open by owner Terry Thompson, who had been found dead in the house. By Wednesday evening, around 50 from the creatures have been shot and wiped out by police, and a minimum of three creatures – murdered, a mountain lion, along with a monkey – remained as in particular.

"Being an Ohio native, I had been shocked and annoyed after i discovered the deaths from the exotic creatures which were stored as pets in Zanesville, Ohio, ” stated petition creator Liz Dumler. “Sadly, the possible lack of laws and regulations and regulation within the condition of Ohio in regards to the purchase and possession of exotics have permitted this case to occur. The deaths of those innocent creatures should not maintain vain, let us alter the laws and regulations in Ohio concerning foreign animals within their memory."

News of the prosperity of Dumler’s campaign will probably put pressure on Governor Kasich along with other Ohio authorities to stop the purchase or possession of exotic creatures. 100s of exotic creatures are presently stored as pets in Ohio, which is among less than 10 states that don't regulate exotic animal possession.

“What Liz Dumler has accomplished within hrs is amazing, ” stated Change.org Director of Organizing Stephanie Feldstein. “Immediately following a escape well over 50 creatures from the zoo in Ohio, Liz released an offer on Change.org and handled to recruit 1000's of supporters in under 24 hrs. Change.org is all about strengthening anybody, anywhere to demand action around the problems that matter for them, and contains been incredible to look at Liz’s campaign explode overnight.”

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland had passed a brief executive to prohibit exotic creatures, which Governor Kasich permitted to run out upon taking office.

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