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Exotic animals laws in Ohio

Taken during the seizure. Photo from Daily Mail (dailymail.co.uk)Ohio comes with an exotic animal problem.

Yep, they have problems, despite Zanesville and also the so-known as revamping of laws and regulations addressing exotic animal possession.

What exactly happened this time around?

Tiger Ridge Exotics owner Kenny Hetrick unsuccessful to launch a permit on time. Condition agriculture department personnel also found safety problems, including insufficient fencing and hazards that may harm the creatures.

So after repeated alerts, the state’s agriculture department went and removed the creatures.

But Judge Reeve Kelsey has purchased the condition agriculture department to come back the creatures to Hetrick. The black leopard, lion, Kodiak bear, liger, bobcat, wolf hybrid, and 5 tigers have been tranquilized and were on the road, now the agriculture department needs to make certain the creatures are OK, then send them back to some guy that had coldly declined for 2 many years to follow condition law and keep the creatures underneath the conditions put aside after Zanesville.

examinerI must state that I do not believe Anybody has the authority to own exotic creatures. Period. I do not think they belong in zoos. I certainly don’t believe they ought to stored as pets or as kerbside points of interest. But, states like Ohio, Florida, and Alabama, amongst others, allow this practice to carry on.

Hetrick’s place isn’t a sanctuary. He’s a breeder of those creatures too. Search on his website and find out that.

Because of Judge Kelsey, these creatures will languish still longer while waiting for a court on Feb tenth. Meanwhile, well-meaning but foolish individuals who see Hetrick like a hero for “facing lower the government” are helping brighten in the property, so chances are Hetrick will win the authority to keep individuals animals. However the people won’t hold off for lengthy, and also the conditions will again deteriorate.

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