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Exotic animals license

COLUMBUS — Governor John Kasich grants from the new exotic animal law passed 87 – 9 within the Ohio Senate Tuesday.

The brand new legislation firms exotic animal possession rules, effectively banning new possession from the creatures while permitting current proprietors to have their creatures. Current proprietors are actually needed to acquire a very beautiful animal possession license by 2014 and stick to new recommendations. Some institutions won't have to stick to the brand new bill, for example zoos, certain animal sanctuaries and research facilities.

The governor launched this statement following the final passage of Senate Bill 310:

“Six several weeks ago the world’s spotlight shone on Muskingum County for tragic reasons. Though losing animal existence was great, fortunately the general public and police force officials who protected them were safe. The next time we may not be so lucky, however, and that's why I dedicated to doing everything we are able to to avoid a ‘next time.’ With Sen. Balderson’s leadership we’re constructing sensible safeguards which help safeguard the general public from harmful wildlife which help ensure creatures are treated humanely. I understand the efforts of Chairman Hall and Repetition. Hill in the home and also the strong bipartisan support this bill received both in chambers. I’m proud to become signing this bill into law.”

The brand new recommendations come after Terry Thompson of Zanesville, Ohio launched 50 exotic animals–including tigers, bears, lions, baby wolves and monkeys–before taking their own existence in October 2011. Government bodies wiped out the majority of individuals creatures to safeguard the general public.

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