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Free exotic animals for sale

*SUGAR GLIDERS** Foreign Animals - LOVE BABIES ***To learn more or questions please get in touch via TEXT at 385.414.3002***

Adora is really a Classic Gray Female Gorgeous coloring OOP 2014 (Temperament: Cuddle Baby) Black Beauty lines
Abel is really a Whitened Face Blonde Male (100% LEU HET) OOP 2014 (Temperament: Docile &lifier Sweet) Leucistic lines
**Proven breeding pair**

Fundamental essentials best love babies! My gliders are handled daily and treated like family, so it’s important they visit a home willing provide them with exactly the same love and affection. Sugar gliders are simple to take care of, but they are exotic creatures with specific needs and need you to understand how to take care of them correctly. I'm pleased to help complete the gaps regarding how to take care of this breeding pair.

Current diet: Instant-HPW offered with fruits &lifier vegetables. Goodies: Dried fruit, mealworms, yoggies (from time to time), &lifier raw nuts (from time to time).

$475 total
*Breeding Pair ONLY cost (cage and add-ons not incorporated)

$650 total (extra discount if bought by Valentine's Day)
*Breeding Pair
*Cage (w. ladder &lifier add-ons)
*Glider wheel
*Sample of Glider Daily Food
*Partial joey care package (wombaroo &lifier impact colostrum supplement joey feedings)
*Goodies I've left at pick-up

Direct get is preferred, however i am prepared to meet within 50 miles for the next fee (based on mileage). I actually do ship (cage can't be shipped).

A 20% non-refundable deposit ($130) is needed to carry the gliders.

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