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List of exotic animals

tigerWe at AAP Save Center for Exotic Creatures were thrilled to begin to see the new Nederlander Positive List for animals entering pressure around the first of Feb. After 22 many years of campaigning and various other animal welfare organizations, it's a huge milestone.

We're also happy to observe across Europe an increasing interest for that Positive List because the ideal legislation to manage the purchase and keeping of exotic creatures as pets and hope more EU Member States will progressively adopt the Positive List.

But let’s return to the epic procedure that has introduced us here…

Non-domesticated, exotic species have complex needs that aren't always known and nearly impossible to satisfy web hosting proprietors. When stored as pets, the welfare of individuals species is compromised they frequently suffer and die prematurely. Therefore, most exotic species aren't appropriate to become stored as pets. At AAP we receive many foreign animals, which get to terrible physical and mental condition.

An Optimistic List is a listing of animal species appropriate to become stored as pets. It's a legal instrument with different scientific risk assessment. Negative lists, which concentrate on creatures which are prohibited from being stored, always lag behind. They might require extensive financial assets in damage control and make up a bureaucratic burden they do not match the preventive approach.

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