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Ohio exotic animals laws

MASSILLON, Ohio – In excess of 40 years, Massillon Washington Senior High School has vitalized football fans having a living mascot.

A tiger cub named Obie is looked after by volunteers the Ohio Department of Agriculture appreciates strive to aid their school and traditions alive.

“I would like you to understand that people at ODA acknowledge the hrs and dedication that you simply and all sorts of people from the Booster Club lead to guarantee the school and it is youngsters are effective, ” Assistant Condition Vet Melissa Simmerman authored, inside a letter towards the leader from the Massillon Washington Senior High School Booster Club.

But to help keep from losing its tradition, the Department of Agriculture also wants assurances in the district and in the boosters that they'll meet condition laws and regulations regarding such creatures. ODA Representative Erica Hawkins told Fox 8 News the boosters have previously provided proof they've sufficient insurance.

However in the letter, dated April 28, the condition also wants documentation the district would like to conform with a lot more rules that are presently law since 2011.

The Department of Agriculture is needing an affidavit from an approved official of Massillon Senior High School proclaiming that throughout display and transport, Massillon Senior High School confines the tiger inside a cage that doesn't permit physical contact between your tiger and also the public. The ODA also necessitates the school to agree to look after the tiger as lengthy because the tiger lives which the tiger resides inside a facility that's a certified person in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums or even the Zoological Association of the usa.

Booster club leader Matt Keller was unable to meet personally with Fox 8 News on Tuesday, but did say by telephone the lengthy-term requirement may be the greatest challenge and may not provide any assurance when the district will have the ability to make this type of commitment.

Fans from the high school’s football program stated the cub will get the very best care even though it is in Massillon.

“Our tigers get treated much better than lots of family people do. She’s taken proper care of correctly. She's her very own little apartment in the stadium. There is a crew, the tiger crew, that can take proper care of it, ” Cindy McFarren stated.

“That tiger is given and maintained by great people who love him and he’s stored well, he’s given much better than most likely the 3 people here, ” David Berens stated.

“It’s something that’s unique to Massillon. It’s something which people love, you realize. They've picture taking days using the kids. The children love they see a pet close up that they're going to never see otherwise, ” Beverly Denholm stated.

In the letter, the Department of Agriculture describes although Massillon comes with an exemption underneath the law to keep having its mascot after a lot of years, “The need for submission using the law regarding Massillon Washington High School’s having a tiger cub is obvious.”

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