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Strange facts about women

Every 90 seconds, one lady dies throughout pregnancy or giving birth.

of ladies within the U.S. earn a minimum of $5Thousand greater than their spouse.

All the 20 wealthiest women on the planet -aside from #17- inherited their cash from either their husband or their father.

Women talk about 20Thousand words each day. That's 13Thousand greater than the typical guy.

Women in the italian capital used the sweat of Gladiators to enhance their beauty and complexion.

The typical lady within the United kingdom is the owner of 19 pairs of footwear, but wears only 7.

of births within the U.S. originate from unmarried women.

Women spend nearly twelve months of the lives determining things to put on.

Women cry normally between 30 and 64 occasions annually while males cry between 6 and 17 occasions.

Males lie 6 occasions
each day, two times as
frequently as women.

The Youngest Girl
to be divorced
was ten years old.

Males were the first one to put on high heel shoes round the 1600s. Women started putting on these to look more masculine.

Israel may be the only country on the planet

to draft women into Military service.

Rather than chest pains, cardiac arrest in females have nausea, heartburn, and shoulder aches.

Women live more than males

partially as their natureal defenses age more gradually.

Women experience considerably more bad dreams than males and also have more emotional dreams, an investigation found.

Jamaica, Colombia and St Lucia would be the only nations in which a lady is more prone to be considered a boss than the usual guy.

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