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Strange facts about Japan

Late-evening dancing is against the law in Japan.

Japan suffers
1, 500 earthquakes
each year.

The Earth's
Earliest Company

in Japan
from 578 AD
to 2006.

Japan includes
over 6, 800 islands.

Japanese Trains are some of the world's most punctual: their average delay is simply 18 seconds.

Square Watermelons are grown by japanese maqui berry farmers for simpler stack and store.

98% of adoptions in Japan have male grown ups to ensure that family companies usually stays inside the family.

Japan who made it the Titanic crash was known as a coward in the country because of not dying using the other people.

In Japan, 90% of cell phones are waterproof because youngsters rely on them even just in the shower.

In Korea and Japan, there's the cat Coffee shop where you can check out drink coffee and spend time with felines for hrs.

Japan has 5.52 million snack machines.

Sleeping at work is suitable in Japan, as it is seen as exhaustion from spending so much time.

Throughout World war 2, Japan bombed China with fleas have contracted bubonic plague.

Japan and Russia still
haven't signed a peace treaty to finish The Second World War because of the
Kuril Islands dispute.

In Japan, instructors and students get together to wash the classes and cafeteria.

The amount of Chinese wiped out through the Japanese throughout World war 2 is more than the amount of Jews wiped out within the Holocaust.

In Japan, 685 kids were rushed to hospitals in 1997 after a powerful Pokemon episode that triggered lightheadedness, vomiting and seizures.

Around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks are utilized in Japan every year.

In Japan, there is a building having a highway passing through it.

In Japan, there is a festival that's a meeting of your penis and fertility.

Black felines are thought to create
best of luck in Japan.

In Japan, Ronald McDonald is known as Jesse McDonald because of deficiencies in a obvious "r" seem in Japanese.

In Japan, KFC is really a typical feast of Christmas Eve.

Many Hot springs and public bathhouses in Japan prohibit clients with tats from entering.

In Japan, they will use more paper for comics compared to toilet tissue.

Likely to island in Japan that's filled with bunnies.

Throughout World war 2, Japan received Jewish refugees and declined the resulting Nazi German protests.

In Japan, there is a train that "floats" over the tracks by magnetism, reaching 500 km/h (311 miles per hour).

The greatest Japanese community outdoors of Japan is within South america.

Should you commit suicide in Japan by jumping before a train, the household from the deceased is going to be billed an interruption fee.

There is a town in The country where 700 people share the surname "Japon" because they are descendants of 17th-century samurais who remained after that an embassy came back to Japan.

Argentina has got the world's second-greatest rate of anorexia, after Japan.

Norwegian introduced Fish Sushi towards the Japanese within the 80s.

nations have eliminated the dying penalty. Notable exceptions range from the U.S., China and japan.

Declawing felines is legal in many U.S. states but banned in a minimum of 22 nations including Germany, Finland, Europe, Australia, Nz and Japan.

In Japan, there is a 'Crying Sumo' contest, where wrestlers compete to determine who can produce a baby bawl first.

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